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Where Do I Go

I can see the end coming for Twitter and I have no idea where to go once it dies. I’ve been on social media in one form or another for almost thirty years now, and virtually all of my social interactions with people at this point are online, and it feels like there’s no where to go.

I don’t do photos or videos or music or anything like that, so TikTok and Instagram and whatever else is out, and I don’t do well in online communities where everything that you say has to be part of an explicit conversations, so the various fractional Discords don’t work, either. Social media works best for me when it’s a place to mutter, either jokes or monologues or stories or freak outs, and there isn’t much left like that. The web in general has moved back away from people having their own little soap boxes.

I can come here, and I will, but I have no audience here, no community. It’s just me, shouting into a void.


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